Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Queen

On Saturday morning Katya came to visit. She was wearing a Tiara. As a girl is likely to do on the weekend. So I complimented her choice of headgear. Regally, she touched the crown nodded her head ever so slightly and informed me that she was a Princess. The subtext clearly being that I would do well to remember this in our forth coming dealings.

So I told her that if she was a Princess, then I was a Queen. The pause was audible. I could almost see the gears and wheels working in her brain. It was just possible to hear the faintest click when the realization hit her. Queen trumps Princess.

Since this could not be, it was absolutely not possible within the strictures of her 2 year old world that she should be lower then an old person, she quickly reversed her position. 'I'm a Queen,' she informed me, 'you're a princess.'

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