Monday, December 10, 2007

Crawling Towards Oblivion

school's out, time for bed
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Last Friday was the last day of school at the local University. And for some strange reason my normal blue collar watering hole has some now become an appointment destination for thirsty University students. They never used to come here. They had their own bar around the corner, with the requisite cheap drinks on Thursday nights and a potent stale beer and vomit smell. Isn't that all University students need? Apparently not.

As I elbowed by way to the only empty table in the place, Mark started to snort in laughter. When I followed his gaze I saw a student proudly dressed in his pj's, drink in hand, toque in place. I felt like walking up to him and slapping him, 'dude, this is NOT your 8:30am lecture!'

Turns out it is was pub crawl night. Mark tells me there is a special bus in town designed just for transporting drunken students bar to bar. It is covered in zebra stripes. As it should be.

This reminds me exactly of why I never did a pub crawl. It wasn't that I had anything against drinking, or partying with a group of people I have never met before; nor do I have some strange bias against animal print buses. I am a party light switch. When I want to go home, I WANT to go home. I can't think of a situation more likely to piss me off then to be in the middle of a pub crawl with no way home and an endless landscape of pubs still ahead of me. Of course, I could call a cab, which would make me even madder, because then I am spending money twice. No, I am afraid I have far too many hang ups which stop me from crawling nicely with others.

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Anonymous said...

Girl, that ship has sailed for most of us, and I don't want to go back anyway!