Monday, January 28, 2008

Mad Mondays

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What a morning! I lost my keys. But since this happens quite often I had a spare car key in my purse. And since it is the ice age outside I decided to start my car early and let it run while I got ready. Therefore, I discovered my missing keys early, and thought - eureka - I am so clever I have a spare! Thinking the worst was avoided I figured I should have no problem getting to work on time this morning. Success was within my grasp.

Well, success obviously never met habit, because the two no likey each other. After I had procured my spare key, booted up my car and went back into the house to get ready, I must have locked the car door. Cause, I ALWAYS lock the car door. I don't want any young punks stealing my air freshener or worse one of the home made CD's I don't listen to anymore. Compulsively locking my car doors is fallout from living in the big city.

So now my spare is locked in the car, I have no choice, I have to call Mark. And I try to never call Mark about key issues. He feels my key issues are almost all self created. Which at this is point I just might concede to him.


Anonymous said...

FYI, you boot up your computer, you start your car.

I love my geeky wife
- Mark

Unknown said...

I always lock my doors, too, but I've never locked my keys in it! I guess maybe a spare #2 will be on your list? LOL

Anonymous said...

Two words....Remote Car-starter. We live in Canada for God Sake!!! We may live in the warmest part, but for crying out loud, get with the program!! :)

Anonymous said...

uSo sorry to hear that you are in the ice age. Plus 33 here in the shade. Most everyone drives a scooter, so not much chance in locking yourself out.
Love from Phuket!!!!!!!!