Friday, January 11, 2008

When a Party becomes Coffee and Cookies Instead

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I am going to go a different direction this Friday and discuss something close to my heart. Or as Mark says, that place in my chest that opens into the vacuum of space - girl's night. Tonight is said night. Said night used to be a Saturday, but some people couldn't wait to get their party on, and thus ended up hung-over and sadly unentertaining on Saturday night. I blame this on old age. The older you get the less ability you have to chug your way through two nights of fun. And the older you get the more you work. Making the thought of not going for after work drinks on Friday positively impossible. And, of course, that one drink turns into 3, and that conversation about the office bitch become more interesting by drink 5. By drink 8 you have the office org chart out and have fixed the problems with the photocopier. Honestly, you were powerless to do otherwise.

When were first started this monthly meeting of salacious sin we got CRAZY. It was not unknown for some of us to bring Mexican money. You just didn't know where you could end up. Others fondly remember crawling into Denny's at 5am for sustenance. A few nights we hit three different bars in an attempt to try every martini in town.

Sigh. Those were good days. But they have passed. Now we go for supper and most of us are in bed by 10pm. The days of yelling at Tash to stop luring unsuspecting Swedish Exchange students into the back of my mini-van are sadly no more. Mark no longer drives my mini-van to pick us up, because, well, mostly we can all still drive at the end of the night. Yes, we still get to motor-boat Tash. She wouldn't have it any other way, but we don't pick up gay waiters anymore or call each others husband drunk and tell them how hot they are. That last part might actually be a blessing. But is has all become strangely chaste. Pass the milk.


Anonymous said...

you guys r hot! who is who?

Anonymous said...

SOB!! No one likes getting older. But I agree, you guys look great and look like you have loads of fun! I wish I had a girls group like you do.

Anonymous said...

I have been popping in for about a year now. I have a hard time believing that your 'group' doesn't still go wild from time to time. I really enjoy your posts about you and your husband and you and your friends. You are kind of like a Seinfeld show, it's funny cause it's true. Although have you really needed mexican money and do you really lure young men around? I need to start hanging out where you ladies are!

Ryan S.

Heidi Schempp Fournier said...

Hi Ryan!

Thanks for the post. The Mexican money was a slight exaggeration, but I NEVER exaggerate about Natasha. The poor guy was positively shaking in his boots. She was still hanging out the door of the mini-van when we started to drive. Jenny had to grab her by the neck of her jacket to stop her for lunging to scoop up him up.

Anonymous said...

does she keep candys in her pokets to get little boys? i think you need a new freind she is a bad influeance. i donet think she is very nice looking enuff to get boys ether.

Heidi Schempp Fournier said...

Whoa! She is plenty nice looking! But that is not her only sparkling quality. Don't let my descriptions give you the wrong impression.

Anonymous said...

HA!! Plenty nice looking? Well thanks Heidi, I believe I shall put that as my personal description on a lavalife profile..."I'm plenty nice looking"!! :)

But in all are making us look bad! We pulled it together this month. There was dancing, fella's buying drinks for the pleasure of our company, hall passes being handed out left and right....and of course the required Heidi statement "Girls! Girls!! Listen up Girls...I love you girls. I REALLY LOVE YOU! *hic*" :)

It was FANTASTIC! We all looked fantastic!