Thursday, February 28, 2008

CBM's 2nd Birthday

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Today is this blog's second birthday. I am actually astounded that I have made it this long. The last year has been weird, as my idea of what I wanted from this blog has morphed drastically from what I originally thought I had set it up for.

Sadly, the cheap money grubbing capitalist in me wanted to make money off of it. I was going to be the next Dooce, damn it! And while, I do love Dooce, and would argue that on my good days the content of this site can rival hers, I sadly will never get as many visitors. Which naturally leads to the question: well why not do something about it. The answer is, I am not interested in taking this blog in that direction anymore.

I remember reading that the reason, Christa McAuliffe, who died in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, was chosen over other applicants was because her application had talked about how women have always kept journals. And that the knowledge in those would transcend advances in technology and help us understand each other. That really inspired me, and I have decided that this blog is my journal. It is my record of my ideas, thoughts, insights, petty jealousies, and misdirected fashion advice. Though I might often be flip in what I write about, if something every happened to me, people could read this journal and get a sense of who I am and what my life was like. I like that idea better than making money.

So thank you to everyone who has dropped in to read this blog. Maybe we have never met, but you have been privy to a small window into my soul.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! And ya know, that's exactly why I blog, too. It makes me feel better, and I like knowing other people can relate. And it helps to write your feelings down knowing someone (hubby) can't interrupt you while your typing!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Your insight into you soul has been keeping us all entertained these 2 years. Happy Birthday!