Thursday, February 07, 2008

New Car

Most of you have seen the pictures of my fabulous anniversary gift. And some of you jealous little kevchers have asked what I got for Mark. Because, let's be honest, you know I like gifts, and Mark likes to give gifts, and well, I don't always reciprocate. But this time I really came through, I actually got him a more expensive gift then my ring. I got him a car. Brand. Spanking. New.

That's right, Mark, got his first EVER new car. A sporty little Honda Civic that he is still pinching himself over. I am not allowed to drive it. I am not allowed to enter it with my shoes on. Mostly, I am not allowed to breath around it.

But this new car has has exacerbated a problem. You see, Mark already parks so far from the door of any place we were going, that now that he has a new car, he parks even further away. And I gave him this gift. I am the creator of my own torments.

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Unknown said...

Hey, you can buy me car, and breath around it, wear your shoes in it, and heck, I'll even let you drive it once in a while!

Mark is one lucky man. You? Hmm, still thinking about that one, with the doors and Mark conspiring against you and stuff.