Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Fairest or Something Like That

I have never been one of those women who has a facial routine. Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize. Forget it. I buy the same face cream my mother uses. I have never felt it necessary to try anything different or experiment. Sadly, I don't know my Antioxidants from my Emollients. Nor have I every knowingly used an Exfoliating AHAs & BHA. Really, I am more of a spit on a Kleenex and wipe off what is left of my make-up kind of girl. Wiping optional.

Problem is I am not that young anymore. I can't just get away with my no routine, routine. I have developed what cosmetic companies have so divinely called fine lines. And something tells me they are going to need more than spit. So I am thinking about botox, or one of those face transplants. But in the meantime I have purchased a line of products that must be used in a very strict succession each morning. Therefore, I need to get up earlier. Making me look more haggard.

Karma not doubt for all that wasted spit.


Anonymous said...

I just gave myself bangs to cover up the F*@% lines I have! Meaning I still get to sleep!

Unknown said...

Ha Ha! Yea, I used to use Noxema. Since the time I was 12 and my older sister put the fear of God in me about looking old too soon if I didn't clean my face every single day.

I have tried SO many products, and nothing... I mean NOTHING is what I like. Broken promises, unrealized dreams, night mares (due to breakouts by someone who NEVER gets a zit). I'm now trying that Sea Mineral stuff and it's working okay so far. What are you using now?

Heidi Schempp Fournier said...

I am actually using Scientific Systems right now and I really like it. It is the line designed by Dr. Sheroldo (sp?) who is always on Oprah.