Monday, March 10, 2008

The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown

Damn it.

Muffy has already hauled out her f#^$^$king flip flops and it is only the middle of March.

March, I would like to point out, is still a rather chilly month and usually has at least one good snowfall. Yet, not only has she clearly thrown down the gauntlet by dragging summer shoes into my presences, she has insulted me even further by ACTUALLY painting her toe nails. Red, Woman! Are you kidding me? You don't break the red out until the end of May. Maybe a nice rosy pink or a light brown. Not the colour of passion, fire and blood!

All I have to say is it is not right to parade around nicely painted toes when those around you have not shaved their legs in 2 months. Nor buffed their heels. Or gone through the right meditation to endure the 4 weeks of pain ahead of them breaking in all their summer shoes


Unknown said...

Flip flops, in March???? Holy Cow. She is WAY ahead of the game! I give her kudos, that's for sure!

Me? Depends on the weather. But Lordy, it's too cold for that now!

Anonymous said...

Hey!! It was plus 15 the sun was hot and just to let you know I even got a pedicure the next day. I am fashion forward what can I say!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys:
Marilyn has been wearing flip flops ( we call'em GO AHEADS because you can't back up in them.) Her toes have been a new shade of deep red for 3 months now, does that mean that the old girls are away ahead of the curve...
Having fun in Phuket

Anonymous said...

I completely caved. The very next day my toes were painted up like a two bit Trollope and I had started the breaking in phase. Sigh...pretty toes...ugly blisters! On the plus side, my feet don't stink in summer shoes! All the men I know are happy about that~