Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bithday Day

April 12 is turning our to be THE birthday day.

Currently, I have been asked to attend no less then 3 birthday parties that day. I am told that another friend, whose birthday is also April 12, is considering combining festivities with one of the previously announced parties. Therefore, I really have 4 birthdays to celebrate on Saturday.

I haven't been this popular, since, like, never. So rather than thinking it's my extraordinary wit that has wielded these happy invitations, I think rather it has to do with the heat. As in the heat of a late August afternoon. Too many cocktails. And one too many people submitting to it's charms. Please people, no more April babies, your killing my credit card!


Unknown said...

Wow! And to think, I don't know anyone born in April, other than my nephew, and he was born on April 1st. My brother is a CRAZY jokester and I've never seen him happier than the day his son was born. LOL

Anonymous said...

Just as an FYI, my birthday was the 15th not the 12th...but the competition for the weekend celebration was on and it still appears as though I won out!