Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It's Prounounced Rick-CAR-dssss!

So the mother came to town for the weekend to hang out with me and commiserate over my depressing week.

What is it about Moms? They just seem to trailing healing goodness wherever they go.

She arrived Friday and got to come with me to my counselling appointment. Which I think was sort of like being in a reality TV version of the movie Falling Down for her. By Saturday I was feeling better. So we decided to meet Muffy at the pub. This is where things get interesting. Mom decides to order A beer. Now I have seen her order A beer before. However, I have never seen her order 3 beers in a row. I was suddenly so afraid of what my father would do to me if he knew I had gotten my diabetic mother drunk! The funny thing is, we talked her into trying Rickard's White. Everyone is drinking that right now. I think it is the orange flavour, everyone loves orange. But she can't pronounce Rickards properly. She keeps say Rick-CAR-dsss. Like she is French and slumming it amoung the provincials. Pretty soon it becomes a joke. Muffy and I are asking the waitress, who has also gotten into the action, if we could have some Grey Poupon with our Rick-CAR-dss.

Like I said, moms just know how to cheer you up.


Unknown said...

Ha Ha Ha! That is too funny.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm... Rickards White is tasty...