Monday, June 09, 2008

Something Strange

Something strange has been happening with this blog. No, it is not jam sandwiches, or exposure to radio active waste. Although, many of you might argue what I put here could fairly be called a waste of time. Strangely, it is neither. For some reason my hits are just growing like crazy. I don't know what is causing this, but I strongly suspect it is Twitter.

Since I have added my Twitter Prattle section the number of hits on this blog has gone up every week. Even though my posts have been scaled back, the number of readers keeps going up. I had no idea that Twitter could prove to be such a big draw. And it's interesting to me that people drop in to read that, but don't subscribe to my Twitter feed directly. This is all part and parcel of the Web 2.0 experience - you - choose how you want to ingest your content. I have decided to run a CrazyEgg test to see if I can confirm my thinking.

It's funny to see this, because I had recently despaired that my witticisms would only be read by family, friends and the odd visitor who some how landed at this blog through a search engine link. What an odd place the Web is.


Anonymous said...

Read your blog all the time. Love all your ideas, word usage, pure funatical topics. Your blog gives my day a high spot. Keep up the blogging and twit twit twittering.

Heidi Schempp Fournier said...

What a nice thing to read. :-)
Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I love your stories about your friends

Unknown said...

I've been reading you and commenting for a while, but then again, you already know that!

But I don't get twitter. Perhaps you can explain it to me???

Anonymous said...

Oh sure!! Now that OTHER people read your blog, you care what they are doing!! When it was just your friends, you could give two figs!!! :)