Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh What a Weekend!

Mark being the trooper he is took last Thursday and Friday off so we could hang out. Or maybe he took them off because he was sick of me asking him to play hooky every day. Or calling him to meet me for lunch. Whatever it was, we had a great 4 days.

On Thursday we had planned to paint the fence, but it rained. As you can imagine my heart was broken that we weren't able to spend the day doing manual labour. Instead we went for lunch (good), to Chapters (good) and then to the see The Dark Knight (not so good). Matinee good, movie very gloomy. I have no doubt that The Dark Knight is chock full of meaningful metaphors on life and good vs. evil. I am sure that there was also sorts of subtext that I am obviously too thick headed to have picked up. In short, I know most people will throw their panties at the screen in ecstasy. I on the other hand wanted to leave about an hour and forty-five minutes into it. It was just relentlessly depressing. By the end I could barely muster enough feeling to care what happened. Now I am not a stooge who only loves movies with happy endings, but this movie was so dark, it just washed all the happiness out of you.

Then Friday we went on a road trip to Calgary, stopped in Canmore and had supper in Kanaskis. We had a really nice time traipsing across the province and taking in all the natural beauty of the Rockies. We had a great supper at the Delta Kanaskis where we ordered the Ploughman's Platter, which consists of cheese, bread and sliced meats. When it arrived we both eyed it suspiciously. There was NO WAY that was going to fill us up. How wrong we were. Besides being delectable, it was incredibly filling. The wine was good too. Check out the pictures here.

Saturday we went to the Air Show. Now this was more for Mark then for me. I brought a book along just in case. I didn't need it. We had a blast. We got to go with the Lethbridge Lodge. They were doing a PR thing for good clients. Luckily, Mark falls into that category. We were wined and dined and luxuriously feted all day long. I had a great time. As did Mark. The pictures are here.

Finally, on Sunday we got most of the fence done. Read a good chunk of my book, and we caught up on our DVR watching. Life is glorious!

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