Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Updated Report from the Trenches

Day 3

We have had Katya (can she really be only 3?), now for three days. In this time she has terrorized the cats with her mer presence. Yuko has turned into a sulky, attention monger taking any and every chance to rub up against someone's leg. Yesterday, I was informed by HQ (Mark) that Katya chased the cats around the house for an hour. Causing emotional exhaustion in both. So HQ decided to increase their rations of tuna so they would be fit enough for such duty again today. They have both requested weekend passes to the spa.

This morning her dolly pooped multiple times, requiring an unusually high number of diaper changes. We suspect dysentery.

Katya also was cursing her right hand which she said was not listening to her, and insisted on putting 2 new band-aids on. One on her forehead. Suspect battle fatigue.

She says we should do reconnaissance today at the water park. I am just praying we don't fall into another ambush and have to watch Happily N'ever After for the sixth time. The enemy is a cold, heartless, mistress.

I will try to write again soon, but being this close to the front I can't guarantee my posts will reach you. Pray for me.

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