Friday, August 08, 2008

Digging Out

We have decided to list our house. Which means only one thing. Repairs. F$%#$k! I hate repairs.

Right now our house looks like Kosovo after an all night ethnic cleansing bender. Why is it when you purchase a house you always have the best of intentions to get it all fixed up before you move in, but then somehow, your money always gets tight so you decide to do whatever is left piecemeal style? Which as we all know, means putting it off until you decide to move again and it has to be done. Because you are buying a more expensive house and need every dime from the old one to make it work. Just once I would like to be in the position where I can say, DAMN, I am so flush I am just going to do all the renos I want to the new place BEFORE we move in, including that ceiling aquarium I have been dreaming about. As for the old place, well, who cares if it goes on the market looking like a VW bus lovingly cared for by crazed hookah smokers! Not me that is for sure.

But sadly that has not come to pass. But I continue to dream.

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Unknown said...

This is why I'm always afraid to move, and why I am always trying to fix things as they come up. Key word, trying. I have a small leak under my kitchen sink and that shelf is going to need replaced, but I have NO FREAKING CLUE how to do that.

Good luck girl.