Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Going Greek

When I was in University I was in a fraternity. In fact, I met Mark at my very first fraternity mixer. I thought he was hot from the moment I saw him, so I tried to make the best impression possible when he noticed me. You would be amazed how poorly thanking a man for free beer goes over. Luckily, I have big boobs and my top was low cut.

Since I graduated I have never lived in a city that has an undergrad or alumni chapter for me to plug into. Although we AGD's do seem to find each other. In Lethbridge alone I have three sisters. Not quite enough for a chapter, but a rousing good start to a long supper with lots of wine.

However, since moving to Banff I have decided to become an alumni advisor to our undergraduate chapter at U of Calgary. My alma mater. Boy, have things changed. As I expected them too, but I guess for me, I left with this whole world crystallized clearly in my mind, and it isn't quite how I remember it.

For one thing the Greek system at U of C is smaller, having lost one of the male fraternities, and almost all students work today while going to school. Extra curriculuar just doesn't seem to be a priorty. Forget well rounded when an new iPod is needed. Plus, they aren't allow to do half the stuff we never thought twice about doing. And you all know what I am talking about. Now it is all cucumber sandwiches and crossing your legs at the ankles. So I have to get my greek fix, by watching Greek on TV. Now that is how I remember it. That Franny is such a BITCH! And not like, a little high school bitchy as Tina Fey would say, but like - full blown society girl on a coke binge bitchy!

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