Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Surfing the Move

I would love to say I am Zen. That this move has been so effortless and easy I could have done it with 3 babies in my arms, walking a tightrope across a crocodile infested gorge. But that would be a lie. And while I may enjoy lying to myself. It doesn't really get you anywhere.

For starters I couldn't continue to stay at the condo I was in for September as it had been sold. Possession October 1. We originally were supposed to move into our new condo that day, instead we decided to withdraw our offer since our house has not sold. This past Saturday was week 9 on the market. We actually had a offer from some lunatic who wanted us to drop the price by $65,000 and to pay him a 5% 'improvement' fee. Mark said no. I said he could double as my monthly support. Instead, we have decided to rent out the house. I am actually relieved by this decision. The market is f@#$#king crazy right now. Nothing is working the way it is supposed to. So I guess we now own a revenue property.

But what is hurting us with selling our place is helping us buy. The question right now is, when DO we buy? How long do you wait? I can tell you I am tired of renting. I want to get into a place of my own, but when you are looking to buying in a market where $500,000 is a lower end home, patience is probably a virtue. A drop of 5-10% means $25 - 50,000 less. The townhouse I am interested in has already dropped almost a $100,000 since it went on the market. Do we hold out and hope it drops more? Probably. Especially, if Mark gets one of the jobs he interviewed for. In that case it might not hurt to wait a few months to make sure he likes it. I am just tired and want to get settled. Sigh.


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