Monday, November 24, 2008

More Tortured, More Tortured

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Unless you have been living under a rock, and you very well might have been, it would be nearly IMPOSSIBLE to have missed the madness that is Twilight. The last book in the series was released this summer and this past weekend the movie version of the first book kicked ass at the box office.

So Mark and I did what many couples do on a Sunday afternoon. We went to a matinee. He saw Quantum of Solace and I got to sit with the sighing, giggle, gaggle that loaded up on Hershey's kisses and went to see Twilight. More on that later.

First I have to say that I really loved the first book, devoured it in fact. The second book, the blood started to run thin (pun intended) and by the third book, it was clear I wouldn't be bothering with the fourth and final one. And from some of the reviews that I have read about the fourth book, it appears I saved myself a lot of agony. It sucked bad, or so says the Internet. And fans were like, outraged. I can't believe the amount of venom I saw splashed around regarding that book. So, I am sorry, if you are currently reading the series, the magic 8 balls says to stay away from book 4. And I always do what my magic 8 ball says.

So while the books were great, ok, stale, and finally unreadable, I had high hopes for the movie. I mean it was based on the best of the books right? Indeed it was, but for me it had a fundamental problem from the start: Robert Pattison is not my Edward. To me Robert Pattison looks a little like a pugilist, and my Edward had an alquine nose, and thin face. And while I went in with the best of intentions to find Edward in him, he just never quite reached it for me. Kristen Stewart as Bella wasn't much better, her whole performance seemed to be limited to twitchy movements and opening and closing her mouth like a guppy.

No, there were a lot of things wrong with the movie, the effects were weak, some of the dialogue cringe worthy, but ultimately it hung on whether or not you were going to buy these two as obsessively in love. And in the books they ARE obsessively in love. Yesterday, in between the cooing and ahhing and occasional barks of delight from my fellow movie patrons, I just didn't feel it.


Robin Papez said...

I haven't seen the movie, but I did read all 4 books. I hated the second, but actually liked the third and I enjoyed the fourth book. There was something I could really relate to in Bella finally finding herself in vampire form. Honestly, there are things to hate about the 4th book but I wouldn't say it's unreadable.

However, I totally agree with you on the casting of Edward. He is not my Edward, the one I created in my head that is, so I may have to stay away from the movie to avoid disappointment.

Rebecca 'Becky' Heaman said...

I devoured this book as well. I just borrowed it from a friend, and have been dying to get my hands on the next one. However, I am too cheap to pay full price for it.

I am not sure about seeing the movie yet...

Anonymous said...

I read all four books and hate myself for it. The first was definitely the best, even with the gratuitous, melodramatic writing and sacchrine dialogue. It got progressively worse in each book. You saved yourself when you decided not to read the fourth book. It sucked. The entire book is based on a huge plot hole...ugh.. and the writing...worse then ever....and they are comparing her to The Great One?? J.K. Rowling?? I don't think so. The original story was GOOD - a good story but she doesn' have the talent to pull off the rest. Robert Pattison is hot but also not how I pictured Edward and don't get me started about Bella.
I'm still going to see the movie. And I'm still going to hate myself for it.
Sigh. Ugh.

Unknown said...

I read the first one and found it to be little more than harlequin for tweens. But, having a friend who is obsessive about the whole series, went to see the movie. Well, I found the copious white pancake makeup absurd (there were scenes where Edward looked like a 17th century male prostitute). The dialogue was barfable and the plot came out even more flatlined than it did in the book. The only thing worthwhile that I found in it all was the beautiful scenery which reminded me of home (ah, sweet vancouver). Of course, maybe its just my age and crabbiness showing. After all, according to the facebook comment of my 13 year old cousin "Twilight is the awesomest movie EEEVVVVEERRRRR!!!!"