Monday, December 15, 2008

Save Me from Colds, Weather, Floorers and My Husband

Bad Weekend
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What a f$cking awful weekend!

On the list of worst weekends, seriously, this one is in the top 2. First off I came down with a TERRIBLE cold Friday. I ended up calling in sick, which I hate to do. But it was one of those colds where you just feel like you inhabit a bubble of sick. That all you do is breath in and out a sick greeny yellow gas. You are positive you are contaminating every spot you touch. Delightful, non?

Then we had to cancel moving our stuff up from Lethbridge because there was a bloody horrible blizzard Friday, and the roads Saturday were a mess. This I know because we ran out of hardwood, so our hardwood flooring was not done by the time we moved in Sunday. Because of this I had to run into Calgary to pick up more. For those who don't know where Calgary is in comparison to Banff, it is about an hour away on the highway. Because of the storm the road was extremely icy. Someone cut me off, and I not kid you not, I merely tapped by brakes and my van fishtailed into the ditch like a 747 landing at full throttle. I thought I was going to turn over. Thank goodness I always wear my seat belt. That had to have been the scariest thing that had ever happened to me. It is amazing how calm your brain is when you are sliding around. Afterward is another story. Luckily, my van is a V8 so I managed to get out. But my hands were shaking so bad, I was scared I might twitch the wheel and end up back in the ditch. Now I am seriously afraid to drive on the highway faster then 80 km/hr. I have also come to the conclusion that our cars do NOT have the right tires for this environment. Which is fabulous considering we just spent a ton of money to have 2 new tires put on each.

And to add to my woes, as I said earlier, the hardwood was not done. Plus, the hardwood guy didn't bother to clean up after himself, so there was dust everywhere. Mark was PISSED! So we got to spend all day Sunday cleaning up, THEN moving our stuff out of the condo into the house. I even got to spend an additional 3 hours washing the rug in the old place. All while enduring a wicked cold. I am just waiting for the locusts now.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I feel for you. Hope you get better nothing worse than being sick!