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No Resolutions Boycott
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I am at a point in my life where I not only have to questions the worth of making a New Year's resolution, but wonder if my life is even remotely structured to ensure any type of success should I do so. Because it seems that time has lost a lot of meaning for me in the last few years. At one point in my life it moved SO slowly. EVERYTHING took SO long to happen. Now I realize I will go to bed tonight and wake up tomorrow morning in September. Where did all those months go? No idea. I can't even remember what I did through most of them. I think I had some vacation time I was excited about. Sadly, it went by so fast I can't recall . I think I might still have a ticket stub stuck somewhere. Maybe.

With time passing so quickly I have begun to feel like it isn't the best use of my time to set any short term goals. I need big picture thinking. I'm not going to lose 20 lbs before summer. But I am going get to summer, that part is inevitable. Hopefully, by changing to wholegrain wheat spaghetti I will be a few pounds lighter when it arrives. If I say I have to do something, my reaction without fail will always be: you can't tell me what to do, I'll do what I want. And in the trash the wholewheat spaghetti goes. I have a lot in common with 5 years olds in that way.

The trick to any change, as I have learned, is to accept that you are on a speeding train. The train slows for nothing. And train living isn't set up for eating right, exercising or having any type of life outside of drinking in the club car. But that doesn't mean you can't ask the chef for the mayo on the side or drink water rather then wine. Nor will it stop you from having to walk to the club car, so if you have to go, you might as well jog. These are small changes, involving stuff you already have to do. They embrace train living, and just try to tweak it so you can make it a healthier existence.

Expecting success in a short space of time for anything is stupid. Be a big picture thinker. Throw out that resolution to do X, Y or Z by May long weekend. Accept the fact that if you blink twice it will already be here. Just try to pack a suitable lunch for the time between blinks.

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Squirrelly Girly said...

The best new year's resolution that I made was last year. and that was to PACK A LUNCH. Too many times I go to work without a lunch and just think, oh, I'll buy something at work. Which always = BAD FOR ME. so packing a lunch was a BIG STEP for me. and I would say that I brought a lunch 75% of the time.
This year's New years resolution is a tag team with Me and Jenge. It's to get the puppies outside more days of the week than inside. so at LEAST 4 times a week.

So both of those resolutions have nothing to do with weight, but will contribute to health. I'm quite proud of them.