Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Living Online

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I strongly considered titling this post: Living Online - How a Picture of Me Snowshoeing Ended up on the Favorites List of a German Dungeon Master with his own Slaves. But then I figured why spoil the post.

Two very strange things have happened to me over the last two weeks. The first was when I was contacted by a reporter for a Brazilian Magazine. She was writing an article on Divorce Parties. And she had stumbled across my Flickr pictures from Ariana's. I checked out her magazine, everything looked legit, she was completely professional, and she didn't ask me anything I felt inappropriate to answer. So I happily participated. Walked around smiling telling people all about the beautiful synergy that the Internet creates.

This week I had the opposite reaction.

I have never locked down my pictures on Flickr, because there is nothing there I am embarrassed about. Besides, I check my Flickr stats, except for my Mom and few other friends and family members, my photos don't get much traffic. And I love Flickr, I love being able to share photos with people and attach commentary. Just last year I was practically able to visit a distant Museum in China through a Flickr users wonderful PhotoStream. He had even gone a step further and furnished every image with factual information regarding the artifact in the picture. It was almost as good as taking the tour myself.

I am also tickled pink when people find some of my photos, and add them as favorites or email me with questions. After I got back from New Orleans I had quite a conversation was a gentleman in the States regarding Evergreen Plantation. A place he had been trying to visit for a while with no success. He loved my photos and video for the same reason I loved the photos from China. In a lot of ways it is the next best thing to being there.

So yesterday when I received an email from Flickr that 4 of my photos had been added as favorites I was a little jazzed. Three photos where of the Suspension Bridge at the Paint Pots, and were favorited by a guy whose user name is SuspensionBridge. I think we know why we was interested in those pictures. The fourth was weird.

It was favorited by someone I didn't know. And since it was a picture of me, I didn't know why someone who didn't know me would want to add it to their favorites. So I went to this guy's PhotoSteam. All that appeared was the message: This user has no content available to you. Now I was a little concerned. So I click on his profile. Sure enough it said: I am a German Dungeon Master with my own house of slaves.

Now while I found the episode on Secret Diary of a Call Girl about Masters and Slaves very educational and eye opening to this valuable, and for some, needed trade, I am NOT comfortable having a picture of me associate with it in anyway. Seriously. It totally creeped me out. So I deleted the picture. Which pissed me off, because why should I have to remove my perfectly harmless picture?

So I know your asking how did this happen? I wondered the same thing. Especially since my picture had such innocent tags: paint pots snowshoeing winter ice snow - these should not have brought up my picture on bondage search. All I can think is that the title of the picture showed up a slightly salacious. So be warned, title nothing - Bundled Up!

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