Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Forget Reading the Secret. Life is a Secret!

There has not been a day that has gone by since I accepted my new job, and thus lunched us into a move, that I have not wondered if I was doing the right thing. You need to go where opportunities exist, but by making a move to such an expensive place I have been constantly beset by worries.

At first I was scared I had dragged Mark to a place where his career would stall out. But in ever wonderful Mark style, he has not only managed to find a great job, but one with a prestigious institute. Bonus, he seems to be enjoying it.

Next I was freaked out by the price of absolutely everything here. Most grocery staples are twice the price as in Calgary. You can't go out for supper here for less then $100 dollars. That is for mediocre food and overpriced drinks at Chilli's. I am sad to say we have not found one spectacular place to eat yet. The place where you feel the food was worth the money you paid. The little gem you go to time and again and bring your friends to. So far that doesn't exist for us here.

I have been constantly stupefied by how people can afford to live here. Townhouses (1000-1600 square feet) start at around $400,000. You can't buy a house for less then $800,000. For a town of 8,000 people that is a huge amount for real estate. Especially when so many work in the service industry. Banff, is not a place for prolifigates. But what I have learned is that it may be expensive to partake in a lot of organized gaiety here, nature is free. This weekend Mark and I are going to go for a hike by the hot springs, all completely free, then take a good long soak, which will cost us $14. I can't complain about that price for an afternoon of adventure.

Everyday I drive to work or walk around town and I am always amazed by how beautiful it is here. Yet, that beauty is tempered by the realization that I need to change my lifestyle if I am going to make a home here. And while I don't think being more active it going to be a bad thing, I am sure going to miss going out for drinks.

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