Wednesday, March 11, 2009

General Plague Area

Penguin Humidifier
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Yesterday I went to the doctor. Because for about 2 months now my face has turned into a general plague area. It ain't pretty. My hairdresser thought it was hives. At first I thought it was just a bad break out. But I never break out, and I certainly don't break out for a 2 month period. Mark says he can't see anything, my beauty is so complete. Lying bastard.

All I know is that it is awful, and I can't seem to make it better. I have tried dousing myself in cream. I have tried exfoliating. I have tried not wearing make-up. I have even tried just leaving it alone to see if it would fix itself. No luck. So off to the doctor I go.

The first thing she says to me is, 'this is your first winter in Banff, right?' I don't even answer, because I already know where this is going. Am hugely relieved it is not hives. Turns out she sees anywhere from 3-5 people a week with the exact problem. All of these people are going through their first winter in Banff. I guess it just gets so damn dry and cold here that until you have acclimatized it withers your face.

She suggested more cream, which I thought rich considering I had already tried immersing my face in canola oil and it DID NOT help. Then she suggested a humidifier, which is exactly what Jenny suggested a week ago when she visited (score you Jen!). Only problem, I don't think there is anywhere in Canmore or Banff that sells them. I checked out the HBC yesterday, and while they had yogurt makers they didn't have humidifiers.

Update: So guess where I bought a humidifier today? Home Hardware. Seriously, HH is becoming my go-to place for every and all things needed to live in Banff. So they have like a whole wall full of them. Priced from $200 to $19. The first one I decide on is not the cheapest. But after careful examination of the labels, and their general unreadability I figure Vicks is as good a brand of humidifier as any. The guy at the till tells me, 'you don't want that one, it is for people who have a cold.' Really, there are different types of humidifiers for different aliments? 'And you don't want the warm mist one as that is for allergies. Get the cool mist.' Well, luckily Le Cool Mist was only $32. So right now it is running in the living room, freaking out the cats.

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