Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Hill I Will Die On

Hotel Cash ATM machine
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Come a little closer. There is something I have been meaning to discuss with you. Something relevant, really. You know, relevant like to to the rise or fall of western civilization. Right now I think it could be a bigger deal then that whole Iran thing. Like Iran-shram. Maybe.

Have you noticed the number of restaurants that don't take debit cards? Then tell you that they have a debit machine on the premise that you can use? For just a small $2 charge you can take out cash, and they can bank your $2, and then you can pay them for your meal. Have you noticed that? That obviously it isn't good enough that you already decided to eat there, they actually want to make money off of you twice. That little thing? Because I sure the f%ck have!

At first I thought it was just the odd restaurant. But lately I have noticed a stampede of places going this direction. Like, holy shit when did restaurants turn into the grifters of the new millennium?

From this post you can tell I have HUGE issues with this. Having a debit machine, credit card machine etc. this is a cost of doing business. Do you really want to insult me and double charge me? Cause I will vote with my feet and you won't see me again. I have even decided that if you try this on me, not only will I tell you I won't be coming back, I will tell you why. Then I will pay with my credit card, which actually costs you more money then taking payments through debit. Oh, and I'll run your establishment down to any and all who can be bothered to listen. I just feel this is a tough love situation.

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