Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bow River - Banff

Bow River - Banff
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One of the things I love best about living in Banff, besides the beautiful vistas, and great outdoor activities, is the fact you can walk everywhere. I just love the fact that I can walk across town in about 15 minutes. The only time I use my car is if I am going grocery shopping or it is WAY to cold outside to drive. No matter how much you enjoy the great outdoors, or walking when it is just plain freezing outside, that is never fun.

I don't remember walking this much since University. When Kris and Michelle came to visit, they couldn't get over how much we walked. And I think it we were honest, they were not crazy about all that walking either. It really is a change to most people's mind-set, to realize that you don't get in your car to go somewhere. That you just need to open the door and let you feet lead. I am hoping with all this walking a little bit of that French Women Don't Get Fat magic is going to rub off on my thighs!

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