Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Little to the Left

Day 107 - Sex Sells
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For the past few weeks Mark and I have been enjoying the new HBO show, Hung. In the show a spiritually dead, but hot, and more importantly, well hung High School coach decides the only way out of his current financial straights is to take up the world's oldest profession. A couple of episodes ago, he had to go through a sort of audition with an adventurous women. The kind of person who could throw a lot of business his way. After spending a night with her barking orders he describes it to his pimp as exhausting, irritating, emasculating, never ending, & vaguely pleasant. And I think that pretty much sums up sex nicely.

Yet, we shouldn't think that movies, TV, and books have any stake in selling sex in any truthful way. In these mediums everyone's doing it, with everybody, the time. And every time is so good people are panting and yelling; and ultimately climaxing in union. Its pretty clear, everyone is having great sex, everyday, with everybody; why aren't you? You some sort of loser?

Sexual politics today are the equivalent of the old fat / skinny debate. Women are made to feel that they should wear a size 0. Well, with sex we have a new size that maters, and it is all about what you have under your clothes. There's a new way to make you feel inadequate.

The funny thing is, I watch all this and I think, jeez, that looks like A LOT of work. Tiring work. And in some cases, not very comfortable work.

Sex should be fun right?. But it's like we have brought in a team of scientist and had them analyzed and break down sex into its component parts so that you can throw together any number of pieces and get something new and more outrageous. If what we see and read is be believed, we should be having sex like we are occupying the centre ring for Cirque du Soleil.

So enough already. Sex is great. But it's better with a partner who cares about you. Monogamous relationships may not be cutting edge, but if you want me to use that swing your going to have provide me with a little sensitivity and trust. Even then, I am not so bored in my life and so desperate for new experiences that I feel I need to explore every quirk that shows up in popular culture.

In short, I can almost guarantee you that no matter what you see or read, you aren't missing out on anything. It likely isn't going to be any better or any worse with another partner. You are not missing out on anything, because I am fairly sure that most people making love right now are doing it in one of 3 positions. They've been around a long time and ain't going any anytime soon.

So to cap off, enjoy this little video of how to really enjoy great sex.

And a few more thoughts. (for derek)


Unknown said...

A sex post, that should bring the readers in!

I always loved that friends episode, but I wonder what coupling episode clip would be appropriate?

Muffy said...

Good post! and by the way the sex swing still hasn't arrived.