Friday, July 17, 2009

Wow! Is it Really that Time?

So I realized I have been flogging this blog for 3.5 years! That is a long time. I don't even like to make that kind of commitment to a pair of shoes. But it got me thinking, I must have said something remotely interesting in that time, right?

And, indeed it appears I did, once or twice. So while my top post widget says what have been popular over the last 7 days, I thought I would actually see what I though was good that didn't have the words: cabana boy in it. And after combing through my archives I am listing a few of my favorite hits for your weekend enjoyment.
  1. I totally forgot about this commercial. I even amaze myself by some of the things I have put up on this blog.

  2. Got Education? Brain Insurance is what you need.

  3. If you have cats, you have gone through this.

  4. I know you know someone who is getting divorced and wants a party, benefit from my experience.

  5. Have you thanked the Canadian Navy lately?

  6. Admit it, Nancy Drew kicks ass.

  7. What Mark thought of Banff when he first moved here.

  8. When you live in a tourist town this is bound to piss you off.

  9. Can you believe Canada Post used to be a Crown Corporation? They are so with it now.

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