Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's August

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It's August.

As Mark said to me the other day, summer is over. The weather is getting cooler, the rain has started, and the fact is, there is only 3 weeks until September. In July you can fool yourself that you still have some summer left. But, August. There is no fooling yourself.

So another summer has passed and another winter waits on the horizon. And for some reason when you think about that you feel an unmistakable mixture of terror, angst, anger, and depression. Over the next few weeks you will stubbornly sit on your patio even when it is freezing or drizzling. Milking those floor boards for every last ounce of summer you can extract. But it will be no use, we have passed critical mass. The snow, it is coming. In fact, I have already started calling around to see where I can get an automatic car starter put in.

Automatic car starters, the harbingers of winter.

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