Saturday, September 12, 2009

Slutty Princess or Tarty Fairy?

It's that time of the year again. Time to buy your Halloween costume. And before you tell me it is too early, know this, is already out of a ton of sizes & costumes already. My first two choices are not avaliable in my size on any site. I know, I checked.

 Maybe this isn't a big deal for you. Maybe you have been dressing up as a Hippie or a Ghost for years. You've got the costume, and it works for you. Mark goes as a Star Trek Captain every year. I understand this. But Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday of the year, and I want my costume to reflect some thought. Some thought beyond: I want to look like a sparkly whore with wings.

 Because if there is one thing these costume sites have in common it is that all the women's costumes are just variations of a theme with REALLY short skirts. Like so short that should you decide to incline forward to hear what you husband is yelling at you in the bar, you will fully expose your ass.

 And all these costumes seem to be based on fairy tales or animals. Women it seems, only want Halloween costumes that show off that they are apparently ready to frolic blithely in the woods, purr when stroked, or that they could be used as a survival device in the case of a water landing.

 Me, I want something a little more fun, & original. Maybe I should've started looking in August.

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Muffy said...

Rob is going as Beetlejuice and I am going as Lydia in the black bridal gown!

Donna said...