Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cabin Fever

‘Tis that time of year. Dark when you get up, and dark when you get home. I hate this time of year. I can tell you exactly what day the sun will start setting again at 6pm again. Feb 16th. I long for Dec 21 to get here, so we can just get this over with.

But the dark also has a side effects beside the gravitational pull of my bed at 6:30 pm. It gives me huge cabin fever. So when not battling my bed, I am overeating eating and trying to get out of the house for drinks. Suddenly I’m hungry all the time. Just ate a full meal. Check. 30 minutes pass, yup, hungry again. Next comes my desire to get out of the house, so I start begging people to go out for drinks with me. So to my friends, I apologize now for what will surely be a few weeks of constant entries to go for drinks. And begging. Yes, very surely begging. Sigh. Dark, I shake an angry fist at you. Well, I will as soon as I put down this drink and chicken leg.

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