Friday, November 27, 2009

Devastating Day

My hard drive went this morning. I was cool, I had backed up on Monday. I have had this happen before.

Our IT person sets me up on a new computer, while mine gets fixed. I go to update my Outlook from my iPhone, and something goes very, VERY wrong. I lose all my songs, apps, and content literally from May 1, 2009 onward. For some reason my iPhone got synced to some old back-up of my iTunes library. We are talking hundreds of dollars worth of content  here.  I start to cry.  So I call Apple Support. Now who I do love? Them. They allow me to download my library. I guess you get one shot at this, so I was strongly admonished to back-up. They are so on the Christmas list ad infinitum.

Then I go into FireFox and realize I have lost all the articles and sites I have bookmarked for my dissertation. Now I am blubbering like a baby. But the cherry, the best part of all this? You know those files I backed-up on Monday? For some reason the only two I care about didn’t back up. Nope, both are from October. These are two courses I have been developing for months. Each documents easily over a hundred pages in length. Luckily, I guess if you can call it that, I have a hard copy of the one completed document, and an older back-up of the other that I put on a memory key, for the very reason that I was so scared of something like this happening and losing it. Oh, and also I had another course, over a hundred pages as well, months of work, corrupt because of XML error in Word 2007. And there is no fix for it, BTW. Really, hope it doesn’t happen to you. But even with these small pieces of good news we are talking hours of work to fix this shit. I am going to have re-type everything for the one course and re-do all the screen shots. I have been crying all afternoon. Usually, I love technology. Today I fucking hate computers.

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