Monday, February 08, 2010

The 5 Stages

Someone stole my iPhone on Friday night while we were out. On Saturday, I was in denial, and kept searching the house, since I was sure I have just put it someplace weird, like the ice box, and forgot about it. I would trip over it at any minute, I was sure. By Sunday, there was no denying that it was gone. Now I was starting to get angry, and I have to admit my phone call with Rogers did not help. Probably, because their seems to be zero communication between the mother ship and the troglodytes at their satellite offices. Said troglodyte told me I should have no problem getting a replacement phone through Roger’s Lost and Stolen program. Whereas the mother ship says, umm not so much, what we have is a can with a string, will that be ok? So by late last night I was starting to move into depression over the hassle it was going to be to find the money and time to get a new phone.  First off, iPhone’s aren’t cheap, so I was going to have to drive to Calgary and buy one from BestBuy where I could use my card and they don’t charge me interest for one year on purchases.  Only one problem, I literally couldn’t get into Calgary until Friday. Mark and I have no landline, and I am on the road A LOT, so I was not thrilled with prospect. However, acceptance was starting to get a toe hold. That was until I found out I could claim my phone on my insurance, which means I could just go to Rogers over my lunch hour and get a new phone. That would be if the troglodyte at this store would sell me one. Which he wouldn’t. He has them, is aware I have a contract with Rogers, understands I am willing to pay cash, but keeps telling me he can’t sell me a phone. Acceptance has now just taken a back seat to blinding rage. I call the mother ship again, and told all troglodytes are experience so for of malfunction and that they will sell me said phone. It will take 3-5 days to arrive.  Starting to seriously wonder if maybe, I’m the troglodyte.

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