Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Adventure Gamers : Grim Fandango review

Point in fact, you just don’t get great lines like this in the majority of games on the market; “We scraped along like rats, but now we will soar like eagles…eagles on pogo sticks!

LA Noire got me thinking about another great Noir Game: Grim Fandango. I reviewed it 8 years ago for Adventure Gamers (have I really been writing for them that long!?!).

It is still considered an absolute classic. With witty dialogue, winning characters, and a fantastic story line it makes you miserable that is one of the last great adventures from Lucas Arts. Before they forsook their God given place as Adventure Game Gods, and decided to just turn out rote Star Wars games. So sad. I guess we are just going to have soar like eagles on pogo sticks all on our own.

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