Saturday, April 10, 2010

Amsterdam Day 2

Today was our last day in Amsterdam. I can honestly day this has been my favourite city to visit on this trip. While it is not as decorative achitectually as Paris, I like it's easy-going, slower pace & the nice people. I could see myself living here. Amsterdam is a city of canals like the one below, but it also a city of bicycles. Bikes have there own lane on all streets & this morning while waiting to get into the Anne Frank Museum (at 8 am, even though it doesn't open until 9; that's how busy it is) we saw dozens of workers pass by on their bikes. Suits on, briefcases in their baskets. It was something else!

We visited this windmill, which has been transformed into someone's personal residence.

And a factory that makes cheese...

And traditional Dutch wooden shoes. Quite the combination.

Finally, we took a tour along the canal, and I fell in love with these houseboats that line all the canals in the city. There are about 3000 of them throughout the city & they cost about $2-300,000 to buy. But if I lived in Amsterdam this is where I would live.

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