Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Moving Blues

This morning I woke up and I was so sad. I have the moving blues. I actually think I miss the tourists crowding out the streets in Banff right now.

I am at that point when the excitement of the new job wears off and mostly you are just annoyed that you still can't find your favourite shirt. Or that you don't have your clothes 'really' put away anyway. Or that you need to find a new Doctor, Hair dresser, Esthetician, etc, so many people! It just seems so overwhelming. You miss the fact that you used to be able to call someone up and make an appointment, rather than go through the dance of Googling for someone, trying them out to see if they will work - usually, they don't - and having to again try with someone new. I wish moves came with a package that included the names of all these people - massage therapists, acupuncturists - that have been vetted and assigned to you and you can just go ahead and make an appointment anytime, and know you are getting great service. Of course, it doesn't help that most of the business owners in Olds don't have websites so that you can at least vet someone first. Or find their office hours. And for those who have Facebook accounts, but nothing on them, well, you can see how that wouldn't inspire confidence.

I'll get over it. Eventually. When I have found my favourite shirt in that pile of clothes by the bed that still needs to be put away.

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