Friday, February 11, 2011

Excellenct Case Study

For all those teachers out there looking for a great case study on a Social Media Fail, check out the blog post below. Also, I think it is an excellent show case for how corporate avarice is being combated by new technology.

Social Media Fail

Nearly every business owner knows by now that they should probably have a Facebook page. The trouble is, many of them don't know why.

Most will say that it's to help their consumers learn more about their brand, or that it might in some vague way enable their consumers to spread their (the company's) brand messages. Or they simply want one because their competitors have one.

While none of this is untrue, the most important thing to remember is that it all starts with a strategy. Like any marketing activity, a Facebook page must fit with the overall brand message and be integrated into all of the other marketing activities.

Furthermore, any social media marketing activity must have a plan for when things go south.

Witness the recent activity on the Facebook page for ski resort Sunshine Village. It has been gathering interest for the wrong reasons.

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