Sunday, July 31, 2011

A penis picture is worth a thousand words???

Seriously? Appalled for all single friends who have been receiving pictures of the penises of their possible intendeds. God Damn, but that is vulgar and low class! And one has to wonder, maybe a poor marketing strategy as well? I mean Google is pretty easy to use to look for comparisons. But before you sharpen those pitchforks boys, and yell at me about girls sending pictures of their boobs, there is no such thing as Boys Gone Wild yet. But I sure Grandma Mae and Auntie June will love to tell their friends how you were so sweet as a boy before you turned to the porn. Such happy memories waiting to happen! In the meantime girls, I suggest sending those pictures to the boy's mother. I'm sure she's up for a reminder on why she should be SO proud. And then find someone who respects yo

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