Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This morning I did something totally against every instinct I have, I got up at 6am. Well actually it was 8am in Orlando, but since I am not fully acclimatized yet, it was still 6am to my body. I rushed out of my room in a panic to get to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as soon as it opened. I had spent last night reading up on how to get into Ollivander's as fast as possible (the longest line in the park) and how to skip to the front of line for the Forbidden Journey (the second longest line). If you are planning on going check out these two links, they were invaluable, and Everything they suggested turned out to be absolutely true. The biggest secret revealed? Don't bring a bag. And be willing to use the singles line. All you have to do is let the kindly attendant to know and presto you are past the crowd and minutes from the front of the line. Worked every time. 

It rained bags for the first hour I was there, hence all the rain parkas in the pictures, but after that the sun came out and it was hot! I managed to get my wand, a Marauder's Map for Mark and a few other things. All in all I had a blast.

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