Friday, October 05, 2012

Freezer Suppers

Busy, busy day. After being super inspired by this post on my friend Katy's Pinterest, I decided to give it a try. The post lead me to the book that inspired it,

I tried to apply all the concepts in the book to creating freezer meals, but it is impossible to get the kind if deals on meat that are to be gotten in the States. But still, I did the best I could and hit No Frills & bought all the marked down meat. Since it was all being frozen or cooked today it didn't matter if was old. So all together for all the meat & the accoutrements I spend $250.

I was very lucky to have my mother-in-law come over to help me. She made the pasta sauce & did the baked potatoes. We now have both until.the.end.of.time. I am super grateful because I could not have gotten nearly as much done with out her.

All in all I made about 30 pre-made & now happily frozen meals for Mark & I, & some 10 for my brother-in-law. It took us 5 hours. But, I figure this should last us for the next 2 months. Time will tell. Next time I think I can get far more done, having done it now once, I feel better prepared.

All in all a good experience & I'm excited to not have worry about what's for supper for a while. I also like not having to do any shopping than for veggies & incidentals.

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