Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Things You Miss

I had made the decision not to blog about my weight loss surgery. After all it is a personal choice, & I've already been been put in the hot seat a couple of times answering questions about it. But being on my pre - op diet for the last 3 weeks has put the foods I can live with & without in stark relief. When you go on such a restrictive diet you suddenly understand what foods you actually can't stand doing without. I have been really surprised by the thing I miss the most. I thought I would miss wine the most. Hands down. Wine. God, I do love wine. But I have barely noticed it has been gone. No, in fact what I have been missing, what I can't stop thinking about, is coffee. Fuck, I miss coffee. All I'm allowed on the diet is caffeine free tea. I've decided that tea is what coffee pisses in the morning. No matter how many bags you put in it is always weak. It has no substance. Coffee will straighten your backbone. Tea will put you to bed. Honestly, all I can do is count down the next 2.5 weeks until I can start drinking coffee again.

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