Friday, April 26, 2013

Little Joys

This is a picture of my legs crossed.

 Notice anything?

That's ok, I'll wait.

Still nothing? Want a hint?

They are CROSSED!

For someone who has not been able to cross their legs in about 5 years, this is monumental! I've lost 42 lbs and the thing I am luxuriating in the most is being able to FINALLY, finally cross my legs. In fact, I do it even when I don't have to. I've done it on every style of chair I can find. And I keep on doing it even when it becomes uncomfortable, because - damn it - I have 5 years to make up for.

In my glee I have noticed that some people seem to be ambidextrous leg crossers. Sly buggers. I just can't match that. I can only really cross my right leg over my left. If I go the other direction there is a danger of my left leg sliding off and shooting out unexpectedly causing a kicking or worse - tripping - accident that was holy unplanned. I try to make friends, not lose them. I guess this is why some people make it to the Met.

1 comment:

Shirley said...

I concur. That is one thing I love doing now all the time. And you are right--right leg over left is best. How many of you out there are right now practicing your leg crossing. I knew it. Enjoy!