Saturday, May 18, 2013


I'm spending the day in Lethbridge with Katya for her dance competition. While I love Kat & getting to spend time with her, I cant say my appreciation for dance has benefitted from attending this competition. First of all, whatever powers that be & make decisions about these competitions, decided 2 weeks before to change the competition from Saturday to Friday. Who the hell does that? Doesn't anyone involved work? Don't kids traditionally go to school Fridays? I was pissed as this change ended up requiring me to cancel & change 5 different plans I had. 

Then after getting to experience the backstage drama! Wow, it just like toddlers & tiaras back stage! I can tell you if you have girls don't put them in dance. Outside hockey, dance seems to be the biggest emotional & financial drain you can put yourself through. 

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