Sunday, September 01, 2013

The Fixer Upper of Your Dreams

On Friday we finally met our Palm Springs realtor face-to-face for the first time. When you have primarily been dealing with someone from a distance, that first meeting always gives you a chance to confirm or reassess your impressions.  I think this is always important for realtors. If they are investing a lot of time into working with you & you are just a tire kicker, it can mean that time converts into lost money.  So I think we were both happy to learn we were on the same page.

Heading out Friday we looked at a number of properties. The two with the most potential were on opposite sides of Palm Springs, which really surprised us. We both thought we would want to be right downtown. Which I think we are still open to. However, the pace of recovery in the Palm Springs real estate market is picking up. Just from our last trip in June, prices have risen $10-20,000 on the properties we were interested in.  So this now means we are going to have entertain the idea of buying a fixer upper to keep costs under control.

The 2 places we liked are below. Of course, both are fixer uppers. I'm not going to lie, we had hoped to find something that didn't need work. But that doesn't seem to be our lot in life. We have already decided we are going to forgo our Christmas trip to Miami to spend those 10 days renovating the place we purchase when we come back in November. Hopefully, we can get everything organized between November & Christmas, so that we can fly into LAX, pick up all the materials we need & drive to Palm Springs. 

Condo 1. This was my favourite. Huge private outdoor space pretty much gives you 2 extra rooms. Plus laundry & a garage give it huge potential. However, as you ca see the electrical will need to most likely be upgraded. There appears to be water damage, so that has to be accesses, & most likely means pulling down the walls in the closet & the ceiling in the bedroom. Yay! <weakly>

Condo 2. I like retro & all, but as you can see this bathroom is a full Reno. 
And the kitchen was in the same shape. Full pull out and redo. The cabinets aren't even in good enough shape to reface. But great location, large inside space &a decent sized private deck it could be a vacation rental winner. 

Hopefully, they will still be on the market in November!

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