Thursday, March 09, 2006

Oops I Did It Again, or Rags 2

So I wasn't feeling very well yesterday, plumbing problems. All I wanted to do was grab a good magazine, go home and curl up in bed with my cranberry juice (yes, those kind of plumbing problems). So I grabbed a copy of Glamour. The supermarket I buy my cranberry juice from, well close to home, ain't super in their magazine selection. I don't know what I was thinking ! While it wasn't as 20-something centric as Jane, it was 29 and holding. In one article they interviewed designer Kate Spade who when shown a picture of a young starlet holding one of her bags remarks, 'she aways look so much like herself' - like...her...self - okay, right! As opposed to my right kneecap? Course that would be funny to see my kneecap holding a Kate Spade bag, but I digress. This adventure has led me to the conclusion that there are no good women's magazines available, thus I have decided to spend my time reading Mental Floss.

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