Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Don't Talk To Me About Skinny Jeans

So I keep hearing the trend for this year is towards Skinny Jeans. I think that is a bloody brillant idea, having had to suffer through one decade of skinny jean obsession (hello, 80's) I am now supposed to do it again (God, is a man). Everywhere I'm reading articles about how the average woman in North America is now a size 14, but at a strokey beard meeting in NY the fasion world decided it would be a fantastic idea to bring back a trend that only excentuates the self-loathing you already feel when you don't look just like Jennifer Aniston in your boot cut jeans. But now, before you panic, the fashionistas say you can tuck your skinny jeans into a pair of boots to mix the look up a bit. Thank God, for a second there I thought this trend might make my ass look huge!


Squirrelly Girly said...

Heidi, you don't even have to buy new jeans to do the new skinny jean trend. Just fold the cuff of your jeans over at the ankle and roll up. . . .Wait a minute, that was another freakishly weird trend. I too listened to the Skinny Jean add with despair. "Slim cut all the way to the bottom!" Fab. So now people will know I really DO have fat ankles. I don't know what's worse, buying bell-bottom jeans in size 14 (which flair out from the hips ALL THE WAY DOWN so much so that homeless people could be living in your pants and you wouldn't know) or skinny jeans so tight, you can read the label on my underwear!

Anonymous said...

Re you Kidding ME?! Too bad, I refuse to join this trend again. I will continue to wear jeans that flare slightly and do not make me looking like a life size bowling pin!