Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Have you ever picked up a magazine that you have been looking at for a while, thinking that it JUST might be the kind of magazine that was written for you? Then about 3 advertise laden pages in you realize that you have just picked up another celebrity obsessed, fashion myoptic, clicky, name dropping rag where the whole world has legs like a palimino and less body fat?

So today I picked up Jane magazine while I was waiting for a prescription and I have to say - who CARES what their liefstyle editor wears or who she bumbed into in New York! 99% of the world lives outside of NY! Yes, it is true I don't know my vintage Mui Mui from my last season Marc Jacobs, nor who is scratching Vogue's editors butt today, but I do know one thing, I love those Ivory Commercials where the women look like they were born and not hatched, you should listen more to what Susanna and Trinny on What Not to Wear have to say about clothes then Vanity Fair, and that the Stretch Armstong-esque model Jane had doing a faux Bettie Page shoot looks closer to giraffe then the lushly curvaceous Bettie.

So to quote Forrest Gump, 'that's all I have to say on that.'

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Squirrelly Girly said...

You know, my least favourite part in magazines are the fashion spreads in the middle where there isn't even an article. It's always some superthin, froggish looking girl in TONS of makeup wearing an outfit that is completely inappropriate for anywhere public. I alwasy zip right by it, and I'm pretty sure the rest of the world does too.