Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Tchotche Speaks!

In the past couple of days I have seen a number of articles about Janet Jackson's 'miraculous' weight loss.

According to Janet's peeps she had gain 45 lbs for a potential movie role. Yeah, right! All the women I know gain an extra 45 pounds for a 'potential' movie role. That's like saying, I just chose to be in a car accident before I bought the car!

Honestly, do they think people are going to buy that in a vapid, style obsessed, plastic culture like Hollywood that the nipple flasher would actually gain half a small pony to - maybe - land a movie part?

Just come clean Janet, we all know you just lost track of the Crispy Cremes. I would have more respect if she would just go on Dr. Phil and cry about how she lost control of her weight then tyring to pass it off as on purpose. Maybe she could hang with Nicole 'I eat all the time' Richie - oh wait, she admitted she has a problem in Vanity Fair. I guess Janet is the only one still lying to herself.

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Squirrelly Girly said...

Haha! I just read in STAR magazine about her weight gain too! That's why I gained my last 20 lbs. I couldn't tell you about the movie role as it was hush-hush and all the mucky-mucks wanted to keep it a big secret.