Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Fun Stuff!

This Friday the first blog I am recommending is The Frock. Wow. These dresses are WELL out of my price range, but rarely have I seen such beautiful pieces. This site has the sort of dresses that girl's dreamed about when they still thought that men could actually ride white horses.

The next site is for all you avid readers, I know you are out there! Library Thing is a free blog and site that allows you to use the same methods libraries around the world use to catalogue your books. It is so easy, they pull all the info for your book right from or from one of a dozen different libaries so that you have all the reference info you need for each of your books. So if you are one of those people that just hates to lend books out, or if you have bought the same book twice, this site just might be for you.

Finally, I know many of you out there are as addicted to your iPod as I am (ok, maybe not AS addicted, but close), therefore, you should check out iAmplify. What doesn't this great site have! I have downloaded 2 spinning (cycling) classes for Mark and a mediation program for me. But what are you looking for? Horoscopes, Yoga, Education, Fear of Flying help? They got it. And all for a very reasonable $2-5 for most downloads.

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