Saturday, June 24, 2006

Jazz, Katya, My Parents and Coffee

Hmmmm, what do all these things have in common, well nothing really, besides me. You see I arrived in Medicine Hat yesterday to spend the weekend with the people mentioned above, and to enjoy the Jazz Fest that has been running all week. Not a bad plan really. Mark has gone off on his annual canoeing weekend with the boys leaving me to my own devices, and that would be jazz!

So yesterday we started out the weekend by going to see the
Polyjesters perform. Mom (Oma) and Dad (Opa) and I put Katya in her new pink sandals and matching pink dress (she looked delectable) and headed downtown to Tim Horton's where the Polyjesters were performing. Katya was the belle of the ball. She walked and danced for over an hour to the music in her perfect pinkness. In short she was a smash. Of course she gets this from me, natch!

After, both Katya and I went home for a nap. Pathetic on my part, necessary on hers; before, going to Jill and Dan's for pizza.

After spending the day with Katya and my parents I have come to the conclusion that my partents where BORN to be Grandparents. It is so sad that we don't have our kids when we are retired and have the time and money to enjoy them. Mom and Dad had Katya all day, and we did all sorts of stuff besides the jazz festival and she was just the happiest little puker ever. Oma and Opa were so cute (which I am sure is how they would hope to have their venerable selves refered to)! They had bananas and hats and sippy cups, they were prepared for all emergencies. Thank goodness we had a van or I am may have had to stay home.

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