Saturday, June 24, 2006

Welcome to the Blogosphere

Well, she said she couldn't do it. I knew better.

She said it wouldn't be right at her age. I disagreed.

She hedged, chewed her lip, pretended to have to powder her nose, but finally she saw it my way.

Shirley (Mom) had finally taken the plunge and joined the Blogosphere!

We have set her up with a smashing little blog she called Shirley's Sphere! Here she can feel free to pontificate on whatever she wants, which will be mostly Katya; but we here in the Blogosphere like to encourage all to join and post, even interminably boring grandparents who endlessly brag about their grandchildren. There must be a place for all.

So all you readers out there feel free to check her out at the link above or at

Good job, Mom!

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