Friday, June 30, 2006

Reading La La La

Since my Masters degree is drawing nigh, I have been able to actually read something other than text books. So in the last couple of weeks I have been able to actually finish On Mexican Time, plow through Undead and Unpopular (the best of the series so far) and now I am working on Notes from a Small Island, which I have to say just muscled A Year in Provence out of my top travel book spot. This book is so funny, I actually had to get my highlighter out to highlight some of the best bits. Please do this for me, buy this book.

But not only that! I have been able to catch up with my subscription of the Economist (the best news magazine in the world, hands down), Macleans, and Entertainment Weekly. I still have two editions of Archaeology to finish, but I am confident they will be read soon. Sadly, my addiction to US and People still seems to know no bounds and now I have developed a strange devotion to In Style. Why? I don't know? I abhor Vogue and Vanity Fair, but for some reason I like In Style. Go figure.

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